Are secret shopper legit?

Although some companies hire “secret shoppers” services to analyze their customer service by having “secret shoppers buy certain goods or services in their stores and report their experiences,” scammers operating the “secret shopper scam” do not offer such a service. Applying for mystery shopper jobs from BestMark is simple. Visit the website to create an account and submit a job application. Working as a mystery shopper is a flexible alternative to a 9-to-5 job.

You can learn more about businesses in your local area and hone your observation and customer service skills. You'll need to be on the lookout for scams, but if you invest some time reading and researching the best mystery shopper websites, you could find a new way to earn additional money. You can find legitimate suppliers of mystery shoppers listed in the Mystery Shopping Vendor Association (MSPA). Scammers sometimes pose as real companies, so watch for other warning signs that secret buyer work may be a scam, says the BBB.

While you may be able to make enough money for gas or some groceries as a part-time mystery shopper, companies that run those high-paying secret shopper job advertisements or who contact you via email or text message are probably doing promises they can't keep. To apply, you'll need to complete an online new buyer form, complete a survey, and review the terms and expectations of your role as a buyer. I recently decided that I would like to spend more time as a buyer, so I signed up for this company. I found it a little strange that a focus group was modified to Secret Shopper, but at this time I still didn't doubt the legitimacy.

After investigating dozens of mystery buyer jobs, a closer look at some of the companies showed that many hires were disappointed with their jobs or not being paid as agreed. If the company is a scam, victims of mystery shoppers' work are very likely to have a lot to say about the scams. If you still think that secondary activity as a secret shopper might be for you, here's a summary of mystery shopper scams and how to avoid them. You'll also need to participate in the Sinclair New Buyer Challenge, which is a questionnaire that confirms that you've read and understood the terms.

According to the letter in the mail, to become a mystery shopper, all consumers have to do is complete a paid training task in a short period of time.

secret shoppers

pose as everyday customers, buy products from retail and grocery stores, or frequent food establishments. A mystery shopper is a person hired by a retailer or market research firm to shop in one or more locations and report on the overall customer experience. These mystery shoppers, or secret shoppers, typically pay for the product or service themselves and then receive a refund from the retailer.

The first red flag of a secret shopper scam is that anyone who requests it is hired immediately without an interview.