What Does a Mystery Shopper Do?

Mystery shoppers are hired to evaluate a company and its employees from a customer experience perspective. They are not employed to give reviews, but to observe a store or service center and compile a report on what they have experienced. A mystery shopper's job is to complete tasks in an assigned location, such as returning an item or buying a product. They may also be asked to eat at restaurants, make inquiries, or purchase items.

The goal of mystery shoppers is to provide feedback on the customer service they receive. This feedback can be used by companies to improve their customer service and ensure that their employees are providing the best possible experience for customers. Mystery shoppers are often hired by companies to evaluate their customer service in a variety of ways. They may be asked to observe how employees interact with customers, how quickly they respond to inquiries, or how well they handle returns and exchanges.

Mystery shoppers can also provide feedback on the overall atmosphere of the store or service center. They may be asked to evaluate the cleanliness of the store, the layout of the store, or the availability of products. Mystery shoppers can provide valuable insight into how customers perceive a company and its services. By evaluating customer service from a customer's perspective, companies can make improvements that will help them better serve their customers.