Do Mystery Shoppers Get Paid? An Expert's Guide

Mystery shoppers don't usually get paid in advance, and this is done to ensure that the employee doesn't know that you are a mystery shopper and that the company knows that you will actually go in and complete the Mystery Shopping job. Uncertified mystery shoppers, known as research participants, can also take part in mystery stores, but they can only work on tasks if a SEC project link specifically selects them. Generally, they are always willing to accept more mystery shoppers as there are plenty of mystery stores available and they need more legitimate mystery shoppers. Be wary of any emails you receive claiming to be from a mystery shopper company, as they often use poor or broken English.

Secret Shopper

is a legitimate mystery shopper company, established in 1990 and is a founding member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, the professional trade association for the Mystery Shopping industry.

They offer three main types of mystery shopper experiences: on-site, on their website, or over the phone. Additionally, according to the Mystery Shop Coach website, some jobs only pay refunds for required purchases and not a flat rate, which is typical for secret shopper jobs. As a mystery shopper, you'll usually have access to a job board where you can select the tasks you want to perform. This is my favorite mystery shopping company and the only one I used when I first started out as a mystery shopper. After researching numerous mystery buyer jobs, I noticed that many hires were disappointed with their jobs or not being paid as agreed.

After this discovery, I learned more about how to become a mystery shopper and eventually became a secret buyer. A mystery shopper is someone who is paid by a company to carry out certain tasks they have been assigned. It's important to thoroughly check websites and job postings to make sure they are from real companies.