What happens if you fail a mystery shop?

If a mystery store fails, disciplinary action will be taken to avoid making the same mistake twice. There is nothing illegal in the program. He has prepared to be fired for refusing to improve his relationships with customers. Take this very seriously and improve your attitude and performance or you will be out of work.

When Mystery Shopping initiatives fail to reach their potential, it's often because the people who are responsible for the results — frontline employees, supervisors, store managers, and regional managers — never properly presented themselves to the program. As a result, there can be internal resistance, creating an unnecessary distraction to achieving the company's service improvement objectives. If an incentive associated with the program is introduced, this situation is magnified. To ensure success, employees across the organization must be fully informed and participate in the Mystery Shopping program before it launches.

Pre-launch efforts should include training on how to read mystery purchase reports, how to use information effectively, and how to set improvement goals. The typical RFP process creates an environment in which mystery shopping providers promise too much to make the first cut, thus setting themselves up for failure if they win the bill. Indeed, a popular guild of mystery shoppers is developing over the Internet, creating standards and practices that the industry has so far been unable to offer.