What Do Secret Shoppers Do?

Have you ever wondered what mystery shoppers do? A mystery shopper is a paid consumer who is hired to shop in stores and collect data. They are often referred to as undercover customers, sent to observe, interact, and report on other customers and store employees. Mystery shoppers are usually hired by a third party instead of the store or company itself. The primary task of a secret shopper is to complete tasks in an assigned location, such as returning an item or purchasing a product. They are also responsible for collecting specific information about a retailer according to parameters set in advance.

This information may include prices, quality of service, and other data. To learn more about their customer experiences, some retailers and restaurants hire people to come to their businesses to test their products or services and report on their experiences. These mystery shoppers, or secret shoppers, typically pay for the product or service themselves and then receive a refund from the retailer. Sometimes the retailer also pays them a little more for their work. It's important for mystery shoppers to be able to impersonate a repeat customer while staying detail-oriented. If employees identify a secret shopper, or if a store knows that a secret shopper's visit is scheduled, they can change their behavior. Mystery shoppers pose as repeat customers to assess and report on product quality, customer service, and the environment of the stores they are assigned to.

The amount you could earn depends on your level of experience, the company you hire, and whether you're a mystery buyer, full-time professional, or just working on occasional projects. Businesses typically pay buyers by assignment, rather than by the hour, and payment often depends on the difficulty of the assignment. To apply, you'll need to complete an online new buyer form, complete a survey, and review the terms and expectations of your role as a buyer. Ultimately, top-notch mystery shoppers will possess excellent communication and memorization skills, and the ability to remain impartial at all times. Small businesses use secret shoppers not only to gather information about their own stores but also about competitors. Regardless of the type of business you run, secret buyers can be useful as part of your market research strategy. If you prefer to work from home, you can make money as a mystery shopper if you work with Signature Worldwide. Whether you're working as a mystery shopper for extra money or as a full-time job, there are some tips you can use to find legitimate jobs and succeed in your tasks.

You can also increase your rating to access the best jobs by accepting jobs that offer a Hero Mention, which is a note on your record that lets coordinators know that you are a reliable buyer.